11 Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas – Find Them, Train Them, Keep Them

The power of your church lies within your attenders finding their place to serve and contribute to the mission.

When your attenders serve the Lord with the gifts He’s given them, your church can accomplish all that God has called you to.

It’s our responsibility as pastors and church leaders to help our attenders see their potential, use their God-given gifts, and grow in their leadership.

11 Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas

At Life.Church we say “We don’t recruit volunteers; we release leaders.” Your attenders are leaders, not just free help. These tips will help you find, train, and keep the leaders God has placed in your church.

How To Get Church Volunteers

So, how do you find church volunteers? Churches of every size ask this question. Here are a few church volunteer recruitment ideas you may want to consider.

  1. Start relationships. Your goal isn’t recruiting; it’s starting a relationship. Get to know members of your church. Ask great questions, and listen to their answers. Learn about their families, jobs, passions, and hobbies. Then, help them understand the roles your church has that fit their passions and giftings.
  2. Be passionate. Are you passionate about your ministry? People are attracted to leaders with passion and vision so if that naturally pours out of you, people will want to serve alongside you.
  3. Know what you need. Identify the roles you have open and the qualities and skills needed to fill each role. Don’t just think about your current needs; think about future needs as well.
  4. Cast vision about the role. Instead of stating your need, present the opportunity your volunteers have to make a difference. See the following examples and ask yourself which inspires you to action.
    Option 1: “We need two people to help out in our two-year old room.”
    Option 2: “Our preschool students learn God’s Word each and every weekend. Join our volunteer team and help our two-year-olds understand God’s unique love for them.”
  5. Don’t say “no” for them. Some leaders automatically discount attenders in their church because they think they won’t be interested in serving or don’t have the time. Ask them anyway. Many people would love to serve and are just waiting for you to ask.
  6. Ask your current volunteers to recruit for you. The best people to recruit more volunteers are your current volunteers. Encourage them to bring a friend to serve with, or host an event in which they can ask people to join their ministry team.

How to Encourage Volunteers in the Church

Now that you’ve recruited leaders for your ministry, the best part begins. Continue to build relationships with your volunteers and help them grow—in their faith and as leaders.

Here are a few ways your volunteers can feel needed and known:

  1. Connect them with others. Help them meet other volunteers and develop relationships. Provide an opportunity for volunteers to get together before or after service, hosts volunteer events during the week, or provide a way for them to connect electronically.
  2. Say thank you often. Whether it’s face-to-face, in a text message, on social media, or in a handwritten note, thank your volunteer team.
  3. Pray for them. Give your team an opportunity to submit prayer requests weekly, and gather your staff to pray for them.
  4. See more in them than they see in themselves. Lead them to do more than they ever thought possible. Speak truth into their lives and encourage them to tackle something that scares them. As they continue to grow in their leadership, empower them to do more.
  5. Embrace friction. As your volunteer team grows, there will be friction and misunderstandings. You may be tempted to let things go so you can keep harmony on your team, but that’s not what’s best for your culture. Address issues directly but lovingly.

Video: Finding and Training Volunteers

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