15 Free Resources to Improve Your Church Online Experience

Maximize your ministry.

Whether you’re new at online ministry or you’ve been doing it a while, we have resources to help you build a strategy, increase engagement, and lead people to their next steps with Jesus.

One of the best tools you can use for online ministry is the free Church Online Platform from Life.Church.

Built specifically for churches, Church Online Platform allows you to create your very own online campus. Take advantage of features like one-on-one prayer, options for giving online, and tools to help your attenders engage and connect during the service.

Watch this 8-minute video to see how the platform works: including what your attenders see and how you can lead them spiritually online through our free Platform.  

Then, view this list of 15 free—yes, free—resources to help you maximize online ministry. 

15 Free Church Online Resources

  1. How-Tos: How to Increase Church Online Engagement 
  2. How-Tos: How to Set Up Church Online Platform  
  3. Training/Guides: Best Practices for Church Online
  4. Training/Guides: Complete Host Guide 
  5. Training/Guides: Prayer Guide 
  6. Training/Guides: Shoot Engaging Video Using Your Phone  
  7. Training/Guides: Church Online Weekly Schedule  
  8. Training/Guides: Church Online Job Description  
  9. Training/Guides: Church Online Attendance  
  10. Training/Guides: Physical and Online Church Working Together 
  11. Training/Guides: 4 Ways to Engage an Online Audience  
  12. Resource: Complete Kids Online Packages 
  13. Resource: Worship Music from Hillsong 
  14. Resource: Church Online Worship Sets 
  15. Resource: Videography Footage 

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