20+ Free Leadership Trainings from Hillsong

As pastors and church leaders, we believe we’re better together. That’s why we love partnering with 15 other irrationally generous ministry partners to offer you free resources and training as you lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ in your community!

That’s why we’re excited to share that Hillsong, one of the most influential churches in the world with 35 years of experience and locations in 19 countries, is hosting a free event to help your church grow and reach more people for Christ.

Mark your calendars for Online Open Week, an incredible (and free!) event from the Hillsong Leadership Network.

Online Open Week

A global summit for local church leaders, Online Open Week takes place February 7-9 and features more than 20 live webinars led by members of Hillsong’s leadership team. Each of the 60-minute webinars covers a unique topic of church life and leadership—here are just a few of the incredible opportunities for training:

  • Sermon Prep
  • Training that Sticks
  • Why People Attend Church
  • Understanding Generation Z

To check out the full list of webinars and register for the event, visit the Online Open Week homepage and sign up to join more than 20,000 other church leaders just like you.

More Training from Hillsong

Visit the Open Network for access to several great additional trainings from the Hillsong Leadership Network any time you’d like. Favorites include:

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