23 Christmas Resources You Can Unwrap Now

Be honest: when you were a kid, how much did you beg to unwrap just one present early?

Well, tell your inner child to get ready: our curated Christmas page is now live on Open Network.

Browse dozens of sermon outlines, message videos, kids curriculum, worship music, creative elements, and Christmas tips at open.life.church/christmas.

23 Christmas Resources You Should Unwrap Now

Ask any kid and they’ll tell you—some presents are better than others. We’d rather open toys than a package of new underwear. With that in mind, we wanted to give you the most popular Christmas resources in our collection now:


Kids Resources


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Christmas Trainings

Unwrapping presents early is always fun, and for churches it’s important, too. As you’re able, get a head-start on Christmas planning, start training additional volunteers, think about end-of-year goals, and pump up your team to be praying now for the lives that will be changed. Let’s all prepare to point every person we possibly can toward Jesus this Christmas season and expect God to do what only he can do: save lives.

FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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