3 Prayer Resources for You to Use on the Church Online Platform

Many of the people who come to your online church services may be hurting. One of the best ways you can show them Christ’s love is to pray for them. Church Online Platform provides three easy ways you can serve your guests with prayer. 

Request Prayer

If you enable private chat with Hosts when setting up your Service, guests can tap the Request Prayer button at the bottom of your video content, then follow the prompts. When your Hosts receive a notification, they can quickly engage in a one-on-one prayer conversation. 

Prayer Moment 

The Prayer Moment works similarly to the “Request Prayer” button, but it allows you to push prayer in Public Chat at strategic moments during your service. You can also customize the text and the button copy. To set up your Prayer Moment, go to “Admin”, then “Moments.”  

Offline Prayer

Use the Offline Prayer feature to allow attenders to request prayer during services if private chat is disabled, or when services aren’t running. With Offline Prayer, attenders will be prompted to complete a simple form (including their email address), and their request will be sent to the email address(es) you provided when you set up the form. 

“Last year, I was serving on the prayer team on our church’s Church Online Platform. A request came through, and I hopped into a conversation with a guest who told me he’d been resisting clicking ‘Request Prayer’ for a couple of weeks. As he shared his story with me, we realized we had walked a similar road. I prayed with him and invited him to join our small group. One year later, he’s still actively plugged in to our community, growing in his relationship with Christ, and growing as a leader. And it all began because he clicked that Request Prayer button.”

Chris S., Colorado Springs, CO, USA

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