3 Reasons You’ll Love Switch

When you think about youth groups, what do you picture? Tons of kids, crazy games, and lots of fun? You’ll find all that, plus more, in Switch, Life.Church’s youth ministry for grades 6th-12th.

In addition to fun, we also foster an environment that builds relationships and helps students understand what it means to navigate this world while living for Christ.

Here are three reasons we think you—and your students–will love Switch. And the best part is you can download all the content free on the Life.Church Open Network.

3 Reasons You’ll Love Switch

1. Special guests your students love.

We often have special guests help out with delivering our messages, which can be a huge draw for students (and a great way to encourage inviting!). Famous faces, like professional football player Carson Wentz, Andy Stanley, Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, and Tori Kelly have brought inspiring messages of how they’ve relied on Christ and grew stronger in their faith.


2. Relevant, tough topics.

Students face tough problems every day. Stress, sex, and depression are just a few of the issues that are part of growing up in today’s world. Rather than avoid these sticky, sometimes awkward topics, we tackle them head on to show students that there is hope in Christ to overcome any situation they’re facing.

For example, in one week of our series Identity we address suicide. In Inner World, we cover topics like anxiety and comparison. The Talk covers exactly what you think it does: sex. Students need help navigating these issues, and there’s no better resource than the Church to help them understand how to view these topics through our relationship with Jesus.


3. High-quality video.

Video continues to grow in popularity as a prefered way to take in and engage with information. We use videos to vary our teaching, keep students engaged, and take some burden off our youth pastors and leaders. In addition to teaching videos, you’ll find videos for promotional purposes, movie-like messages, or recordings of teaching from the stage. Our creative team is passionate about producing engaging content, similar to what teens are used to see on popular websites and social media. Below is an example from our recent series, Two Nights Only.


Bonus: 4 More Resources for Your Youth Ministry

We believe that teens aren’t the church of tomorrow—they are the church of today! Get four more resources to help strengthen your youth ministry.

  • Facebook Live: Growing Your Youth Ministry: Join us for this replay of our Facebook Live event to hear Life.Church Youth Pastor Matt VanderTol share his philosophy for creating intentional relationships in student ministry that help to grow his campus.
  • Engaging More Students Through Switch:  Read a couple best practices we’ve found helpful when engaging students through youth ministry.
  • Switch Branding. Need logos, slides, social media, t-shirt graphics, and any visual element for your youth ministry? Download our free Switch brand elements.
  • Leader Orientation Documents. Learn how to cast vision to volunteers about how to lead small, partner with parents, and create a safe, comfortable environment that helps students feel needed and known.

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