3 Tips to Connect with People Through Online Ministry

With all the technology and tools available, it’s never been easier to minister to people online. But, all of the options for outreach can make selecting a direction for your church feel overwhelming. To cut through the noise, we’ve got to have a common language, giving energy to only those things that keep the mission moving forward. But how?

Sam Marin, Campus Pastor at Life.Church Midwest City, Oklahoma, sat down and shared what his local church is focusing on right now in this brief video. These three tips are a great place to jump-start your thinking.

1. LIVE ONLINE – Everyone is living online, so as a church, we need to be there too. Not only is social media a powerful tool for connection and entertainment, but it can be leveraged to inspire engagement as well. You’re living online, so live! And if you’ve avoided being on social media until now, it’s time to find a trusted friend who does it well and have them help you get started. Here are some specific ideas on how you can use social media:

  • Share daily Scripture.
  • Link to a video clip from the weekend message.
  • Engage with another social media account that is inspiring you.
  • Get personal with live videos with your pastors.

2. LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY – There will still be some people who aren’t engaging with social media. That’s where leveraging ALL of the technology at our fingertips comes in. If you can’t find an attender on Instagram or Facebook, they’ll probably still pick up their phone. Your attender database is now a lifeline of connection. Don’t let your community weather this season alone. Let them know you see them, you hear them, and you honor them with your time. Here’s how you can start:

  • Write a note and send it via text, email, or even a Facebook message.
  • Make a phone call or video call.
  • Connect with groups of people via Facebook groups or group texts.
  • Schedule a video conference with key leaders or use the Marco Polo app to send videos.

3. LOVE PEOPLE – More than anything else, Jesus has called us to love people, so let His command guide your steps. This is going to look different for every community. Maybe you theme out your week – Military Mondays or Teacher Tuesdays are good ways to narrow your focus. What does your community look like, and what does it need? Reach out to let people know you’re thinking of them, praying for them, and just love them!

When we live online, leverage technology, and love people, we’ll find that our influence actually spreads wider than we ever thought possible! The impact we’re making will extend through each person into their own circles of influence. Our followers have followers of their own. By loving the people in front of us, Jesus will work through us to reach people we may never even meet. This is encouraging! God chose us to be pastors in this time, to share the Gospel with the world as we connect with attenders digitally.

FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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