3 Ways Your Church Can Beat the Summer Attendance Slump

In the minds of many pastors, summer triggers a slump—a decline in giving, attendance, volunteers, and engagement. 

But our God is just as active now as any other time. It’s time to fight the notion of a “summer slump” and do anything short of sin to reach the people no one else is reaching. 

Try these creative ideas to help you kick the summer slump and keep your attenders engaged.

Top 5 Sermon Series

We’ve pulled together the top five most popular sermon series from Life.Church—try these topics in your summer schedule.

Divine Direction

Teach your attenders how to seek God’s will for their lives and how He cares more about who they are than what they do

Dangerous Prayers

Help your attenders learn to pray the prayers that move the heart of God in this three-week series.

God With Us

This four-week series welcomes attenders who are hurting and alone and show them that God is with them in every moment.

Stay Positive

Covering topics like optimism, gratefulness, encouragement, generosity, enthusiasm, and confidence, this series helps your attenders learn to be thankful in spite of all the negativity they experience in this world.

I Want to Believe, But…

This series discusses four different versions of God that don’t exist—the fabrications that people often believe about the nature of God. Teach your attenders why it can be good when God doesn’t meet their expectations.

Host At the Movies

Everyone loves movies—use them to connect with people in your church and community! Learn everything you need to know about hosting At the Movies in your church, and find the training, marketing, and graphics assets you need to do your own event.

Create a Summer Reading Series

Just like movies, you can use books to your advantage. Build a sermon series around popular spiritual and growth books. Use the Summer Reading sermon series from Pastor Levi Lusko at Fresh Life Church as an example.

Remember, there is never a “slump” in God’s timing. We’re called to be passionate, innovative, and tenacious about reaching the lost for Christ—no matter the season.

FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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