3 Ways to Boost Summer Engagement at Your Church

You don’t have to experience a “summer slump.” 

We’ve put together three ways to help boost engagement with attenders over the summer. 

Follow Up

New faces are awesome, and it’s even more awesome when first-time visitors come back for another service! Watch How to Get First-Time Visitors to Come Back, and create a plan to let new attenders know they’re valued.

Share Your Vision 

The vision of your church is more than a statement on paper—it’s who you are and where you’re going. Create engagement by helping people understand and buy in to your mission. Access our social media tips, tricks, strategies, and more to get started. 

Maintain an Online Presence 

A strong online presence is critical to church engagement—whether it’s a YouTube channel, podcast, or social media accounts. Make sure your website is clear and easy to navigate, and encourage people to stay connected to attending and giving with these six digital tools.

For more on keeping people’s hearts engaged this summer, download “How To Avoid the Summer Giving Slump” by MortarStone.

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