4 Apps Your Church Needs This Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner.

But we know you’re prepared, and you’re expecting the unexpected.

As you anticipate all that God stands ready to do in your community and through your church, remember the free apps you have at your fingertips as part of the Life.Church Open Network.

4 Apps to Maximize the Holiday Season

Church Metrics

Tracking church data is easy with Church Metrics. Available on desktop and Android and iOS apps, Church Metrics gives your church an easy way to input and display real-time data, like attendance, salvations, giving, and more. Learn how to set up a special event for your Christmas services, and use the weather integration feature to note weather history and it’s impact on attendance.

Church Online Platform

Christmas can be a magnifier for a lot of people: it makes the good things in life feel really good, and the bad things feel really bad. In a season like Christmas, many people will be searching for hope. Meet them where they are—even online—with the Church Online Platform.

“From seekers and homebound believers to those looking for their first experience with a church, the Church Online Platform allows us to connect with people right where they are.” Greg Surratt, Seacoast Church

Stream your Christmas services online, and offer attenders community around content with live chat and live prayer. Your staff and volunteer team will love the new Chat Host workspace, too!

YouVersion Bible App

God’s Word is alive and active. As pastors and church leaders, we know this to be true! Help your attenders this Christmas fall in love with God’s Word by introducing them to the YouVersion Bible App for adults and the Bible App for Kids for, well, kids.

Downloaded on more than 240,000,000 devices worldwide, the Bible App allows your attenders to engage in scripture anywhere, complete reading plans, earn badges, and share verses with friends and on social media.

Did you know that you can have your own content in the Bible App, too? With YouVersion Events, your church can add its own message outlines, announcements, links to online giving, and whatever else you need to communicate to your attenders—100% free.

“We’re excited to implement YouVersion in our ministry, especially the Events feature, where we insert each week’s teaching notes and comments. Our people appreciate having the notes at their fingertips, sharing them, and saving them. We’ve redirected thousands of dollars to other ministry needs by replacing printed programs!” Pastor Bill White, Christ Journey Church


Did you know 17% of all faith-based giving happens in December? That statistic probably doesn’t surprise you. Year-end bonuses, tax-deduction deadlines, and a spirit of holiday generosity all combine to make December an awesome month of giving.

If you accept gifts online or plan to implement a smart giving strategy, check out Kindrid. We partnered with OneHope to help create Kindrid Smart Giving, an easy, cost-effective mobile and online giving tool made just for churches.

Bonus App! Develop.Me

In ministry, we’re always looking ahead. After Christmas, it’ll be time to start thinking about 2017—help your team set goals, expand their capacity, and become the leaders God’s called them to be with our free performance review app made just for churches, Develop.Me.

Develop.Me helps you create a culture of development in your church staff. Transform your performance review cycle into year-round growth and collaboration to help your team reach its goals. See the difference it can make for you and your staff!

We hope these apps help you maximize Christmas, and draw even more people into a rich, real, life-giving relationship with Christ.

Also, remember, we’ve put together all our Christmas resources on one page, open.life.church/christmas. Here you’ll find downloadable resources, training, apps, and conversation in community to help you prepare for Christmas.

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