4 Areas to Focus Your Leadership, Part 1

As a pastor or church leader, there’s so much to focus on and many competing priorities in your church. So how do you maximize what God has given you? By investing in the right areas.

In a recent talk to Life.Church staff, Pastor Craig Groeschel boiled leadership down to just four areas of focus.

4 Areas to Focus Your Leadership

1. People. Everything we do as a church is about and for people. Our heart for attenders is to help them understand God’s love and unique plan for their lives. You invest time in preparing message content, help attenders connect to small groups, and teach them to engage in God’s Word— but what about the leadership development of your staff and volunteers?

You may be thinking: that level of investment takes so much time and intentionality. “What if I invest in my staff and they leave for another church? I’ll have to start over with someone new!”

It’s a valid question, but not the best one to ask. Instead of asking, “What happens if I develop them and they leave?” ask yourself “What happens if I don’t develop my team and they stay?”

If you want to see God move in your church, focus on developing the people God has brought under your care.

If this doesn’t come naturally to you, these free resources on the Life.Church Open Network are your next step:

2. Culture.
What exactly is church culture, and why is it important? Life.Church pastor Craig Groeschel puts it this way, “What you value determines what you do. What you value determines how your team will behave. Values create culture—before you add to your team, be clear on what you value.”

Culture is what is produced when your church lives out the values that are important to you. Without identifying the values that are important to you, creating the right culture is impossible.

At Life.Church, we have a set of ten aligning values that guide our behavior and help us make important ministry decisions. You can see all of them and download files to use to create your own for free on the Open Network

These core values are shared language for our campuses and central teams. They’re known by our attenders, used consistently in communication, and were even turned into campus artwork.

Watch our recent Facebook Live event with Life.Church Directional Leader Jerry Hurley to learn more about creating your church culture and setting core values.



Want to know the other two areas you may want to invest in? Catch Part 2 of “4 Areas Your Church Should Invest In” next month.

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