4 Areas to Focus Your Leadership, Part 2

Last week, we shared two areas to focus your leadership: people and culture. Today, we’re sharing two more areas Pastor Craig Groeschel believes will help you maximize what God has given you.

4 Areas to Focus Your Leadership, Part 2

3. Systems. “There are just not enough hours in the day.” We’ve all said it.  But if you ever find yourself saying it multiple times a week, you may be experiencing a breakdown in systems.

Systems are so important in our churches. Why? They help us focus more on people.

Let’s think about new attender follow-up for a moment. If you don’t have a system in place to capture information and follow up, your church is missing an opportunity to connect with and minister to someone new to your church. Because there was a lack of follow-up, that new attender may feel like your church isn’t welcoming and choose not to return.

But when you have a system in place, your volunteer or staff teams know how to capture information from new attenders, where to store this data, and who to notify. This results in the new attender receiving a phone call from a friendly volunteer or pastor who welcomes them to the church, answers questions, and prays for them.

Weak systems make great people look bad. Strong systems make good people look great.

Systems matter because they create behaviors. Behaviors become habits. Habits drive outcomes. If you have specific outcomes you want to reach, look at the systems you have in place to achieve them.

4. Resource allocation. Where are you spending your time, energy, and money? Are you investing them in the right places? We all have limited resources, and we all try to balance competing priorities. To fully step into all God has for your church, evaluate where you are investing.

One of the best questions you can ask yourself is “What’s my biggest win?”

What moves your mission forward the most? That’s where you should spend the majority of your time and energy.

Other questions to ponder are “How can I best invest my time?” and “What days and times am I at my best?” Are there items on your to-do list that aren’t getting you closer to your biggest win? Could someone else do them? Empower another team member or volunteer in your church to step up into a higher level of leadership and take on the task. This elevates their leadership and frees you up to do what only you can do.

You most likely already spend at least some of your time investing in people, culture, systems, and resource allocation. But being intentional about how you organize your life can have a monumental impact on your ministry.

For more leadership training that will help you grow your ministry, check out Pastor Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast today.

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