Free Resources to Help Your Church Beat the Summer Slump

Who says church attendance has to drop during the summer months?

Sure, summer may be coming in your part of the world, and the lake is calling and vacations are scheduled—but you can create a FOMO moment with these summer-themed sermon series ideas.

At the Movies

Imagine showing movie clips in church, and then building a message on them that points people to Jesus. This is At the Movies, and it’s one of our most effective sermon series here at Life.Church for attracting people to church in summer.

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Happy Trails

Pastor Levi Lusko takes your attenders on a hike to four beautiful locations and walks them through the Psalms of Ascent with Happy Trails, a four-week sermons series from Fresh Life Church. In this series, breathtaking hikes in Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, and Utah are the backdrop for unpacking Psalm 121, 128, 130, and 133.

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Summer Reading Series

For so many people, summer is a great time to R&R: relax and read! Bring the concept of summer reading to your church with the Summer Readingsermon series from Fresh Life Church. Easily build sermons based on popular spiritual and growth books, or invite authors to your church to preach sermons related to their books.

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We all sing along to our favorite songs, but what if you could teach a message that helped people find Jesus in those songs? In Playlist, a four-week series from Life.Church, you’ll find graphics and the outline and transcript to teach powerful messages that help attenders hear their favorite songs in a whole new way.

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FOMO is real, so don’t take chances.

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