4 Tough Topics and the Sermons that Tackle Them

As Christians, we’re in a daily fight to believe God’s truth over the lies of the enemy. And the local Church is the place we turn to to be reminded of what scripture says about the victory we have in Christ.

No matter what your congregation is facing, if you’re looking for a message series to help them combat life’s daily issues, consider one of these four Life.Church series.

4 Tough Topics and the Sermons that Tackle Them

Issue: Insecurity and apathy in your church

Sermon series: Overcomer

Want to challenge your attenders to conquer their fears, quell their insecurities, and boldly live with the confidence that Christ loves us? Overcomer is a four-week series that will embolden your congregation to overcome the curse of comparing, the comfort of apathy, the lies of labels, and the threat of fear.


Sermon series: I Want to Believe, But…

I Want to Believe, But… is geared toward those who have doubts or wrestle with their faith. Whether someone is in church for the first time or is a seasoned attender, this four-part series breaks down the barriers of skepticism and clears up some big misconceptions and anxieties about God.

Looking for direction

Sermon series: Divine Direction

At some point, we’ll all face difficult decisions while trying to discern our purpose in life. But, following His will isn’t something that’s complex and hard…it’s following a series of promptings and trusting that God will lead you daily. Divine Direction reminds us it’s never too early or too late to tap into the wisdom of God as we seek to make a lasting difference in our relationships, our communities, and our world.

Marital tension and stress

Sermon series: The Vow

The Vow helps people—married and single—learn what God has in store for marriages that are built on Him. Learn to lay the right foundation for the future and strengthen existing marriages that might need support. Over four weeks, your church will learn the importance of the specific vows we take for a successful marriage: the vows of priority, pursuit, partnership, and purity.


Which message series would your church benefit from hearing? Through the Open Network, you can download the message video in it’s entirety to show in your church or use the sermon outlines as inspiration to craft your own message. Looking for another topic? Find hundreds of other free sermons and resources from Life.Church and partner churches.

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