4 Ways to Win with 30-Second Theology

America’s biggest football game is coming, and your church can leverage all the buzz and excitement to introduce your community to Jesus.

30-Second Theology is a free event your church can use as a sermon replacement video on the day of the big game.

Along with showing the full-message video, learn four ways to create a fun, vibrant environment that engages sports fans in your community—all with the goal of pointing them to Jesus. 

4 Ways to Win with 30-Second Theology

1. Rally the Crowd

As you lead up to the big game, engage your attenders with short promo videos on social media. Leveraging social media is a valuable way to give a glimpse of what new attenders can expect at your church. You can download promo videos on the Open Network or shoot some with your own church staff to add unique personality and flair.  

2. Tailgate

What’s game day without good food? If it’s within budget, offer concession stand goodies like popcorn or candy, hold a chili cook off, or host a parking lot tailgate party. Not only does food bring people together, but it also adds an element of comfort for guests. 

Football Sunday

3. Play Like a Champion

Creating a fun environment makes this experience memorable for both kids and adults. Decor doesn’t have to been expensive—elements like tailgate tents, colorful flags, and staff wearing jerseys or referee shirts go a long way. Take it up a notch or two with these some of the ideas:

  • Set up a faux football field with small bleachers.
  • Build “locker rooms” in hallways.
  • Create a photo-op scene with props like pom-poms.
  • Replace the typical bulletin or signage with a “ticket” design.
  • Pump up an inflatable tunnel.
  • Request the local high school’s mascot to greet visitors at the entrance.

Football Sunday

Football Sunday

4. Leave Everything on the Field

With so much focus on environment, don’t forget the most important thing—the people. Attenders will experience a fun, new way to hear the Gospel, but they’ll also be spurred to take next steps. Reach out to those who make a first-time decision; if possible, connect with them one-on-one to hear what God is doing in their lives and guide them in their new walk with Christ. Offer other ways attenders can take their next step: small groups, Bible reading plans, or just encourage them to come back the following week.

This weekend is fun and exciting—not just because of the big game—but because faith doesn’t have to compete with football. God can use this exciting day in sports to create a winning play for the Church. If you’d like more ideas on how to leverage this exciting weekend to reach more people for Christ, watch this training

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