5 Foster Care Awareness Resources for Your Church

As the Church, we have a responsibility to care for the orphans in our communities—and when churches everywhere work together, we can solve the fostering/adoption crisis—completely.

In the United States, May is National Foster Care Awareness Month, and it’s a great season to bring awareness to the need for Christian men and women to step up and show unconditional love and support to the children in our communities. 

5 Foster Care Awareness Resources for Your Church

Below are five free resources your church can use to raise awareness for foster care in your community and restore families.

  • How to Neighbor message series. This four-week series from Craig Groeschel is a powerful push for local missions, including advocating for children in foster care. Each week focuses on a different aspect of how to build relationships with our neighbors and make a difference in those relationships. In addition to fostering, other topics addressed are racism, poverty, and loneliness.  

  • Fostering and Adoption event. As part of the series How to Neighbor, you can also hold a Fostering & Adoption Event to educate and equip families who want to help children. Click below to find a guide, event videos, graphics, and t-shirt art for your team. There is even a welcome video from Pastor Craig and Amy Groeschel, or you can set up the event with your own introduction.

  • CarePortal. CarePortal is an online tool that posts the needs of local foster children and parents—then local churches and their attenders can fill those needs. For example, when Irene and Duncan were approved as foster parents for two-year-old Dana they didn’t have a car seat. CarePortal posted the need, and a nearby family, the Camps, gave Irene and Duncan the car seat they needed. Because CarePortal helped bridge the gap between need and resource, little Dana was placed in a safe, secure foster home.

  • How to Neighbor Spoken Word. Music reaches us in ways that teaching alone never will. This original spoken word worship piece from Life.Church Worship is a powerful way to add heart to the How to Neighbor series. Find the complete song below, or perform it live in your experiences with all the loops, stems, and backing tracks you’ll need.

  • Missions Partner Evaluation Guides. As you point your church to local mission partners, download these guides to help you evaluate potential mission partners in your area, and choose partners that are the best fit for your church.

When our churches give people the options and support they need, we can show Christ’s restoring love by supporting children and families in crisis.

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