6 Creative Ways to Lead Worship Online

In this season of physical distancing, many people at our churches are desperate for an encounter with God through worship. Since we can’t stand in the rows of our churches  and sing together corporately, we’ve got to get creative! As worship pastors, we have a great opportunity to encourage our attenders to connect with God corporately in new, engaging ways. 

Check out these 6 ways to lead worship virtually.

1. Share a digital setlist.

We can help people create an environment and heart for worship by providing playlists for them to listen to at home or in the car. Spotify, Apple Music, or even YouTube can serve as practical ways for attenders to easily click and start worshipping. 

2. Community worship Bible plans.

We know that worship is more than the songs we sing; it’s how we live our lives. In this season, we have an incredible opportunity to help people understand the true heart of worship through Scripture. On the YouVersion Bible App, read through a Bible Plan with others in your church through Plans With Friends. Here are a few of our favorite Bible Plans that are geared around worship:

Take it to the next level and go Live on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share your insights.

3. Living room worship sessions.

What better way to connect with someone than to invite them over? In this season, it can be hard for people to feel connected with each other, let alone the church or their pastors. Every time we host a Facebook or Instagram Live video, we’re allowing people the opportunity to enter into our living rooms and homes. Live sessions with their pastor through a screen can feel just as intimate and special with someone as it would if they were physically in your home with you.

4. Have fun.

We all know that worship transcends style, tradition, or preference.  It’s all a joyful noise to God, so how can we embrace this time that’s ever-changing and spice up our worship, too?  Whatever style of music your attenders are used to, what if you change it up and show them another type of worship? How can you transform a song they’re used to hearing into something brand new? Try it in a different genre, play it with a unique instrument, or even have a male or female sing a song that would normally be sung by the other gender. The goal is to mix things up in order to create an experience that will help all types of people encounter God in new or different ways.

5. Online tutorials.

Many people have a little bit more time on their hands and they’re looking for new hobbies or pastimes to enjoy while at home. One way to engage attenders is by leading through tutorials for familiar worship songs. As people begin to learn how to play along at home, they’re going to learn how to engage with God on their own, and hopefully on deeper levels. Check out all worship resources on Open Network.

6. Virtual worship team or choir.

With just a little bit of editing, you can create an engaging worship experience that people will remember for months and months! All you need is the tracks to your song of choice and a list of people to send them to. Have your staff, worship team, or choir record themselves singing and send it back to you. Sync them all up on Pro Tools, clip the videos and put them together, and bam! Check out this virtual choir music video of Amazing Grace that Life.Church recorded for Easter!

It can be a new concept to many people to worship in their own home. As worship pastors, we get to lead people closer to Jesus via the connection made through music! As Zephaniah 3:17 reminds us, the Lord is living and active in our lives, and one of the ways that He rejoices over us is through song. Every time we lift our voices we get to sing together with God no matter where we are, whether in a church auditorium or in our homes. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to help people connect with God through music, even if it’s virtually.

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