7 Ways to Promote Community in Your Online Church Services

If you’ve used the Church Online Platform for any number of weeks, you know it works great for weekend services. But what if it could provide more than your typical church service and be used to lead and develop connections throughout the week in other ways, too? 

While the platform’s primary function is taking your church services online, consider these other opportunities to leverage this tool throughout the rest of the week.

Church During the Week

Who says church has to just happen on the weekend? Through the platform, you can schedule church services during the week, too. Many people work non-typical schedules, so having options for church during the week would allow your church to reach people others may not be reaching. 

Live Prayer Sessions

Promote a time when people can join you for live prayer. The platform allows you to pray publicly via video and chat, and privately, through one-on-one prayer. Empower pastors and key leaders alike to lead people through prayer requests using these tools built just for churches. 

Worship Night

Whether live or pre-recorded, connect with attenders by hosting a night of worship and streaming it. This is also a great option to combine with a time of prayer. So often prayer and praise go hand-in-hand, so there’s no doubt that a time of worship and prayer would encourage your congregation, especially during this season. Need worship sets? Download these free from the Open Network.

Youth and Kids Ministry

The next generation aren’t just  the leaders of tomorrow—they’re the leaders of today, so use the platform to help encourage and strengthen their faith, too. Streaming separate service times geared toward different age groups is a great way to encourage parents to join their kids, and help parents be an even bigger part in the spiritual discipleship of their children. Read more about how to innovate in kids and youth ministries, and find free video teaching resources for kids on Open.

Felt Needs Courses

What are the real needs people are facing right now?  What do you see people walking through in your community?  Are there topics that your staff and other qualified leaders could speak into?  Here are a few course ideas that people may find helpful:

There are so many options for small group curriculum on Open Network that you could stream using the Church Online Platform.

Q&A With Staff

Creating a special time for attenders to post questions could be a great opportunity for people to get to know you and your team. By providing a virtual hangout, people can engage with pastors and ask questions. You can have staff share what they’ve been doing in this time, how they’ve been growing, and more. 

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Daily Devotional

Provide a devotional time each week, as often as makes sense for your team. This can be a great opportunity for your people to hear from different pastors or staff members that they don’t usually get to connect with. Interaction on the chat during these types of experience can be crucial to building community online.

God is so creative, and He’s placed His innovation inside of each and every one of His children! The Church Online Platform is so versatile, it gives our communities so many ways to connect, even outside of the typical Sunday services. As pastors, we can leverage those great ideas that God puts on our hearts and continue to use the resources in front of us to make a big difference!

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