8 Volunteer Roles that Help Create an Excellent Environment

At Life.Church, we couldn’t create a welcoming, comfortable environment without the leadership, buy-in, and service of our Host Team volunteers. From the street to the seat, the Host Team creates an environment that removes barriers and allows attenders to experience God.

Here are eight volunteer roles we have on our Host Team, a brief overview of each, and a link to a downloadable job description you can use at your church to create clarity around roles.

8 Host Team Volunteer Roles

Volunteer Roles

Greeting Team: The Greeting Team greets and acknowledges each guest as they enter the building. They open doors, smile, shake hands, and pass out bulletins.

View Greeting Team job description

Hospitality Team: The Hospitality Team provides quality refreshments and interacts with each person who stops by for a snack or drink.

View Hospitality Team job description

Info Team: The Info Team provides helpful information, clear directions and appropriate next steps for our guests. The Info Team fields questions and helps attenders connect and sign up for next steps, like baptism and small groups.

View Info Team job description

Parking Team: The Parking Team makes an incredible first impression for guests by offering a safe, easy parking experience, a high-energy welcome, and clear directions.

View Parking Team job description

Prep Team: The Prep Team prepares each seat in our auditorium in a way that eliminates distractions and indicates we’re expecting guests. Our Prep Team makes sure each seatback has pens, tithe envelopes, invitations, tissues, etc. This team resets the auditorium between each weekend service so each service feels clean and fresh.

View Prep Team job description

Usher Team: The Usher Team helps attenders locate seating, collects offering, and aids the campus pastor during the call to Christ.

View Usher Team job description


Volunteer Leadership Roles

Coach: A Coach works closely with our Host Team Pastor to build and maintain relationships and provide leadership and regular communication to volunteers.

View Coach job description

Role Leader: A Role Leader volunteers in a specific Host Team role (Greeter Team, Hospitality Team, etc.) The Role Leader provides support and role-related training and leadership, and develops relationships with volunteers. The Role Leader works closely with the Host Team Coach.

View Role Leader job description

Facebook Live: Host Team Volunteer Roles

Want to see these roles in action? Watch our recent Facebook Live walk through of a Life.Church lobby. You’ll see each role in action, and we’ll share additional role-specific tips you don’t want to miss.

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