9 Ways to Connect With People On the Church Online Platform

Connection is so important in day-to-day life, and that includes in a church service. Whether your church is online due to COVID-19 or you’ve been hosting online services for years, there are constantly new ways to engage with your audience. 

One of the ways Church Online Platform helps you interact with attenders is through “Moments.” With five types of Moments—Salvation, Salvation Follow-up, Give, Connect, and Quote—you can help attenders interact with your church in meaningful, dynamic ways. 

Since Moments is a newer feature, we rounded up some of the creative ways people are using them to connect.   

Connect Moments

Offer a post-service Zoom gathering to your guests where they can discuss the message.

Connect with your online attenders by sharing resources.

Direct your attenders to a connection form where you can gather information to follow up with them.

Share more information about your church with attenders and encourage them to join your membership.

Invite your attenders to volunteer in an online service.

Give Moment

Invite your online congregation to give virtually through the giving platform of your choice.

Invite Moment

Encourage your attenders to invite others to join them in the service. You can even invite them to a specific service taking place in the future!

Salvation Moment

All of Heaven rejoices when one sinner turns to Christ, whether that be online or in person. Prompt your attenders to make that decision at specific points in your worship experience.

Quote Moment

Make sure your congregation didn’t miss that great quote the speaker just said! Set a quote to go out just after it was said in the video and people can share to social media directly from the platform.

Church Online Platform is the only dedicated church online tool built by a church for your church. So, we’ve baked in features and tools that specifically help you do ministry. 

Moments like the ones shown above are available in the newest version of the Church Online Platform—sign up here to get started. If you happen to be running an earlier version of the platform, upgrade today to start using Moments to engage people with your church and with Jesus.

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