A Whole New Look in Staff Development

March 13, 2017

We want our churches and our attenders to grow, and to help them do that, we know our church staff must develop.

Development—spiritual, personal, and professional—is one of the most important tools for seeing growth and health in your church.

Since 2014, we’ve offered Develop.Me, a free app created specifically to help church staffs develop. The app equips pastors and their teams to set goals, conduct performance reviews, and grow into the leaders God has called them to be.

And we’re excited to announce there’s a new version of Develop.Me, complete with a cleaner interface and easier-to-use functions.

Current Users

If you’re already using Develop.Me, see the new interface in this video.

Our goal for this update was to make the app even more streamlined and easy-to-use. The new improvements allow you to:

And leaders, you’ll now see an overview of important review dates and a clear list of all direct reports and dotted-line reports on your Team tab.

No need to install anything—these updates are live now! Log in and look around.

New to Develop.Me?

If you haven’t tried Develop.Me yet, learn how you can bring year-round development to your church staff. Built by Life.Church, Develop.Me is just one of the free tools we provide to churches. You can find everything we offer—sermons, kids lessons, worship music, apps, leadership training, and an online community—on our free resources site Life.Church Open Network.


"Great leaders do consistently what others do occasionally." - Craig Groeschel

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