Here’s An Exciting Way to Engage Kids With the Bible

Reach more kids in your community.

It can be difficult to reach the next generation of kids in your community if their parents aren’t actively engaged in church. 

Today, we’re sharing a story from Engage Church in North Dakota about how they used the Bible App for Kids Curriculum to reach those kids and engage them with scripture every day.

Suandra, a children’s pastor at Engage, originally discovered the Bible App for Kids and its companion Bible App for Kids Curriculum during the pandemic shutdowns in 2020. 

When North Dakota reopened and Engage opened their church again, they deployed the Bible App for Kids Curriculum in their kids ministry. 

Suandra was amazed at the traction. Because the app and the curriculum were created to work together, the kids continued to engage with the lesson all week long, and even started coming to church with passages already memorized for the next Sunday school. 

“I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen the excitement the curriculum draws. All the units are nicely labeled, and it’s easy to use—but it’s powerful. Kids aren’t being taught fluff. It’s real stuff that they need to learn.”

Suandra, a children’s pastor at Engage Church in Mandan, North Dakota

What is the Bible App for Kids Curriculum?

A few years ago, the Life.Church NextGen team—our kids ministry—started researching how early childhood-aged kids learn best, retain information, and understand scripture. 

All that research resulted in the Bible App for Kids Curriculum—a complete two-year cycle of units and lessons created specifically for how two-to-five year olds learn. 

As with everything we create at Life.Church, the entire curriculum is free on Open. Get all the videos, leader guides, character graphics, and more—there’s even a classroom how-to video showing you exactly how to implement it.

Then, let parents know that their kids can keep learning the same Bible lessons at home with the free companion app, Bible App for Kids from YouVersion and OneHope.

Already using the Bible App for Kids Curriculum?

Send us an email and let us know how it’s going! We’d love to hear stories from your church about how it’s reaching kids in your community.

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