Celebrating Some Exciting Milestones for the Church Online Platform

We know how much work it was to get to Easter. We heard from so many of you who were up late working on video edits, rendering files, tweaking messaging, posting to social media, and pastoring attenders.

And, it was worth it.

Church, because of the massive effort you put into online ministry during this season when so many of our physical buildings are closed, people’s lives were changed online on a scale the world has never seen before. 

From Good Friday to Easter Sunday on the Church Online Platform alone, 

  • You edited, hosted, prayed over, and led 31,858 services.
  • You ministered to 9,734,234 attenders through online ministry. 
  • You helped 69,422 people find salvation in Christ. 
  • You reached every country on Earth with the Gospel.

And God used your hard work and commitment to create a miraculous, memorable, one-of-a-kind Easter.

It was a special time for us here at the Church Online Platform, too—we huddled up, we prayed for you and for the platform, we monitored closely and made adjustments, and we saw 100% up time on the busiest online church day in history! 

Thank you for trusting us with your online ministry; we exist to help you navigate technology so you can reach more people for Jesus.

Join us live on Facebook. 

Facebook Live - Full Color

We’ll be live at 11:00am CDT this Wednesday, April 15 on our Facebook page to answer your Version 4 questions and talk through upcoming features.  

So, what’s next? 

The goal of creating life-changing Easter services helped all of us stay focused. But, now that Easter has been a success, we’d encourage you in two things as you move forward.

Get some rest. Resting not only renews your body, it restores your mind and builds resilience. Talk to your pastor, your team, and your family, and find practical ways to take some time off and avoid burnout. We also offer an email series called “Well and Rested: 5 Keys for Lasting in Ministry.” Sign up here.

Look to the future. The mile-marker of Easter has come and gone, and someday soon, we’ll go back to meeting in person. But right now, you’re building an online ministry and seeing growth in your online attendance. Create a game plan for keeping your church online healthy with these resources. 

Digital Ministry Strategy Guide from River Valley Church

Church Online Trainings from Life.Church

Life.Church Online Host Team Training

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