May 5, 2017

11 Church Volunteer Recruitment Ideas – Find Them, Train Them, Keep Them

How do you find, train, and keep church volunteers? Read 11 church volunteer recruitment ideas you can implement in your ministries this weekend.

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April 21, 2016

Empowering Leaders

To grow your ministry, you must empower leaders. This short video training shares five practical steps to empowering leaders.

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March 29, 2016

Increase Church Attendance by Building an Invite Culture

Watch this short series of videos to learn steps your church can take to increase attendance by building an invite culture.

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March 11, 2016

The Greatest Threat to Success

When is current success bad? When you think what you’ve always done will always work. Lead your church staff to embrace change.

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February 25, 2016

Creating Momentum in Your Church

Join us for this training with Life.Church pastor Tome Dawson to learn how your church can build positive momentum to solve problems.

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