Behind the Scenes of Sisters, Our Women’s Ministry

In the busyness of life—jobs, kids, diapers, permission slips, 18-hour semester class loads, volunteering—many women have a tendency to set relationships with other women aside in order to do more, be more, serve more.

But, God didn’t design us to do life alone.

Sisters, our annual event for women, encourages women and gives them an opportunity to connect and develop relationships with other ladies as they hear God’s truth for their lives.

Our team recently connected with the staff at our Life.Church Oklahoma City to get a behind-the-scenes look into Sisters.

Join Tony Doland and Cindy Beall as they give us an inside look into the planning and execution of Sisters.


Key take-aways for your church

In the video, Tony and Cindy shared tips for planning an excellent event:

  • Involve key volunteers. Allow passionate volunteers to plan and execute the event.
  • Cast vision from stage. Use stage time to cast vision for the event; make sure you share the “why”—the importance of women connecting with each other—not just the event details.
  • Make next steps easy. Plan ahead and remove any barriers women might encounter in taking next steps after the event.

If you’d like to host a Sisters event in your church or use the new study from Amy Groeschel, “The Pursuit,” both are available for free on the Life.Church Open Network.



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