Breaking Barriers at LeadChurch

During a hot summer in the greater Austin, Texas area, it’s not uncommon to see families seeking refuge from the sizzling Texas heat in Hawaiian Falls, a local water park.

But, there’s another group who converges upon the popular park searching for ‘living water’ that only Jesus brings.

Introducing LeadChurch

LeadChurch, an 18-month-old church plant led by pastor Joshua Watson, meets at the water park’s event center. In June, as kids at Hawaiian Falls celebrated summer, Joshua and his team were celebrating a milestone of their own: breaking into triple-figures in attendance.

“Since breaking through the 100 barrier, we continue to gain momentum. Our whole team is praying and trusting we’ll reach 200 by the end of the year,” said Watson.

Watson, a pastor for 15 years, has followed Life.Church for many of those years, but admitted for many of those, he didn’t realize what the Open Network offered pastors and church leaders.

Once he discovered the Life.Church Open Network, his ministry took a new direction.

Resources for all ministries

“There’s not a department we have that doesn’t use resources from the Life.Church Open Network,” Watson added, referencing the free sermon outlines, kids ministry curriculum, original worship songs, graphics and social media art found on the site.

“When it comes to sermon prep, it’s so freeing to have a platform to start from rather than a blank slate,” he said. “With the sermon outlines available for download, I’m able to take a skeleton of a sermon and make it my own with examples that fit our church,” he added.

Like a lot of pastors, Joshua doesn’t always have the time he craves to research sermon topics and scriptures. Although he hopes to create his own sermons in the future, right now, time is tight.

“I’m trying to get a church off the ground and raise a family,” he said. “The Life.Church Open Network has allowed me to focus on what matters most—people.”

Resources for you

What can resources from the Life.Church Open Network do for you and your church? Start exploring free resources today!



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