How to Build a Strong Volunteer Team in Your Church

How do you find volunteers? What do they do in your church? How do you get them to stay on the team?

These questions and others are some of the most common questions we get about finding, training, and empowering volunteers here at Life.Church.

Before we jump into answering these questions, let’s consider one more question: why? 

Why Build a Volunteer Team?

For many of us, the immediate answer is that we need them! There’s just too much work to accomplish in the church without the help of volunteers. While that’s a true statement—we literally couldn’t do what we do at Life.Church without volunteers—there’s more to it.

Volunteering isn’t about what we want from attenders, it’s about what we want for them.

The power of your church lies within your attenders finding their place to serve and contribute to the mission. When your attenders serve God with the gifts He’s given them, your church can accomplish all that God has called you to do. 

How to Find and Empower Church Volunteers

Wow, what an opportunity we have to help people like Lynsie unlock their passion and skills to serve in the Church! Whether you already have a solid volunteer team or you’re building one from scratch, sign up for our free email series, “Finding and Empowering Church Volunteers.” 

In this series, you’ll get the answers to these questions along with free resources to help you unleash the power and potential of volunteers in your church.

Over the next few days, we’ll cover:

  • Creating a job description for each type of volunteer role you need
  • Volunteer recruitment ideas
  • Training and onboarding for new volunteers
  • Volunteer retention and encouragement

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