Engage Your People With the Church Online Platform’s Newest Feature

Engage your attenders.

There are moments during your church service that are special. Like when attenders worship through the tithe and giving, or when someone commits their life to Jesus. 

And because Church Online Platform was built by a church specifically for churches, it’s the only platform bringing you custom features to help attenders engage with those special moments.

Announcing all-new Moments—customizable interactions that give attenders ways to engage with your church. See an overview.

Ready for Easter, beta versions of these two Moments are available right now, and more are coming soon!

Salvation Moment Follow-up


It’s been a most-requested feature, and it’s here. Now, when an attender reaches out to Jesus, you can reach out to them. This upgrade to the Salvation Moment now allows you to get information like name and email address so you can follow up after an attender accepts Christ!

Simply set up a Salvation Moment in the Admin before your service, embed the follow-up form of your choice, and run the Moment during your service. Learn how to set it up.

Give Moment


Tithes and offerings are a key way we worship God. Now with the Give Moment, attenders can click through to your specific giving method or tool from right within the service experience. 

Learn more about setting up the Give Moment here. 

Learn about Moments

We know interactions like these are crucial to doing ministry online, so we’re working quickly to release even more Moments that help attenders engage with key points of your service. 

We’re here for you! If you didn’t know, our team loves connecting with you! We’ve been on Facebook Live every week for the last few weeks. Catch up on these videos:

 And, we’re always available through our support site. Browse for answers to common questions or reach out via email to our team.  

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