How to Support Meaningful Moments on the Church Online Platform

“Moments are the perfect non-threatening first step toward deeper involvement and service in our online community.” 

Rod Gray, Online Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

One moment—that’s all it takes to change a life. And as church leaders, you know that intentional connection with your attenders matters. 

That’s why we created Moments: to help you lead attenders to take next steps. Shadow Mountain Church in California has used the Connect Moment to increase the number of people in their online small groups. This is what their online pastor, Rod Gray, had to say… 

“We have been using Moments since 2020, and we have loved the ability they give us in linking to forms on our website so we can lead people to connect with us and take next steps.  In particular, we use new Moments when we are starting small groups online. We’ve had dozens of people click the Connect Moment and sign up to engage weekly in our sermon-based Bible studies along with other believers across the country and beyond. Attenders who have pressed the Connect Moment have gone on to attend small groups regularly and have made the jump from attendance to leadership by helping host online services themselves.” 

How has Church Online Platform helped you?

Many of you have inspiring stories like this one that illustrate how God used Church Online Platform to help you reach your community. 

If you have a story to tell, we want to hear about it! Your story could help transform the way other churches do ministry.

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