The Church Online Platform Celebrates All God Has Done This Easter

Easter looked a bit different this year, but the reason for celebrating was the same it’s ever been — the tomb is empty and Jesus is our resurrected King!

The Church has never been about a building; it’s always been the people. The Church is US, the body of Christ, and this weekend we saw this truly played out as people celebrated Easter in millions of homes all around the world. Though we can’t meet in person in our individual church buildings, we know that people can still have an encounter with God wherever they are. That’s why we created the Church Online Platform and we’re excited that nine years later we can celebrate all the ways God is using this incredible platform!

Easter 2020 will go down in the books as an Easter to remember for so many reasons. But here’s why we’ll remember it the most!

  • 9,734,234 people attended an Easter service.
  • 31,858 Easter services were streamed live using the Church Online Platform.
  • 10,355 churches in 130 countries streamed services through the platform on Easter weekend 2020.

When you’re sharing the message of a resurrected King, there’s no doubt God is going to move in hearts and change many lives. That’s why we’re most excited to celebrate this:

69,427 people committed their lives to Christ online this weekend!

This weekend over 9 million people experienced an Easter service online and the most exciting part about celebrating these numbers are the stories that they represent.

You’re reaching people who haven’t attended church in years! Others joined your services because they were invited by a friend. Many have never even set foot in your physical church buildings. There were children whose parents don’t attend church that watched from their bedrooms, men in nursing homes and hospitals who were able to worship God from their hospital beds, and husbands and daughters that raised their hands to receive Christ as their personal Savior all from the comfort of their own couches! 

Hear this story from Kim R., an attender at one of the thousands of church online services his weekend.

“I came back positive for coronavirus. I am a healthcare worker. I’m only 20 years young. Being here this morning is making me feel that I can beat this and have faith in our God.”

Kim R.

Way to go, Church! We’re proud of you for using technology to continue to share the hope we have in Jesus! We’re thankful you embraced church online to continue to reach people during this season. 

Why are you thankful? What have you seen God do through Church Online during this season?

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