Best Practices for End of Year Giving on the Church Online Platform

Grow generosity online.

Generosity isn’t something we want from people—it’s something we want for people because we know how God changes lives through giving. 

As we celebrate Giving Tuesday and enter the time of year when people are more likely to give, we’ve compiled a list of features and some tips to help your church lead online attenders to worship God through giving. 

“Give” These Features a Try

Give Moment

If you haven’t been using the Give Moment, you’ll want to “give it a try” during your end-of-year giving campaign. With the Give Moment, attenders can click through to your specific giving method or tool from right within your service experience. This won’t take them out of your service and allows them to hear your message while giving their tithes and offerings. Learn more about setting up the Give Moment.

Pre-service Video 

Before your service starts, share a video showing how the generosity of your attenders made a difference in your community. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action explaining how attenders can give to your church. Learn more about setting up offline content.

Account Creation

Encourage your attenders to create an online account for your church. In doing so, your church will have access to their email address and you can communicate about upcoming events, personal next steps, and continue to share giving-related stories and information. Check out the “Profile Button,” one of our latest releases to help encourage account creation.

Connect Moment

If you choose to offer a tithe challenge—like the three-month tithe challenge—use the Connect Moment to insert a sign up form. Learn more about setting up the Connect Moment.

Giving Best Practices

We believe that giving is an integral part of being a fully devoted follower of Christ, and as the church we can—and should–lead attenders to understand how to be generous. 

Here are a few ways we approach giving at Life.Church:

  • Acknowledge that tithing isn’t for everyone. Because we have a high number of visitors, not everyone who attends our services is a Christian. We’re upfront about the tithe being an act of worship meant for God’s people. We don’t want people to feel like they have to do anything before saying “yes” to Jesus, or feel compelled to give or tithe before they’ve committed to follow Christ.
  • Celebrate what God has done. One of the best ways to encourage cheerful givers is to communicate that their giving makes a real difference. What’s happened in your church this year? Did you do outreach projects? Fund missionaries? Pay off medical debt? Share about the things giving has allowed your church to do for your community—and, if possible, get a quote or story from someone whose life has been impacted.If you didn’t know, Church Online Platform is primarily funded by attenders of Life.Church, so we’ve celebrated with our attenders multiple times this year about your success using the Church Online Platform! 
  • Talk about generosity all year long. For us, the end of the year isn’t the first time we’ve talked about giving—we talk about generosity all year long which allows us to continue to build on the message of God using the Church to meet the needs of the community. 

As you are planning your end-of-year giving strategy, we hope these tips and tools help maximize the faithful giving of your attenders during the holiday season and throughout the year.

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