How the Church Online Platform Team Uses Feedback to Create New Features

Every day, we’re looking for new ways to make technology work for the mission of churches like yours.

As our engineers work on the platform, they employ a continuous deployment model—which means we push new code and features as soon as they’re ready versus waiting to release them in a bundle. 

This gets more features into your hands faster so you never miss crucial ministry opportunities. 

Because helping you reach people for Jesus is why we exist. 

Since February, we’ve made hundreds of code deployments for improvements and new features like these:

See all the other improvements on our updates page.

Newest Features

Countdown Timer: One of our most-requested features, the Countdown Timer allows attenders to easily see when your next service begins.

Favicon: Use your church logo or other image to customize your browser tab. 

And some new things are just around the corner: 

  • More Moments
  • Support for more video embed providers
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • OpenID Connect Integration
  • Facebook Login
  • Chat Transcripts
  • Custom Navigation Links

Where do new features come from?

Have you ever given feedback and wondered, “Will someone even see this?” 

Well, we do see your feedback, and we’ve built a process to incorporate your ideas into our development roadmap.

When you submit feedback or an idea, our team looks at the root ministry function you’re requesting and works to build features that help your church meet your ministry goals.

Hear from Clayton and Eric on our product team about how your ideas become part of our development roadmap in this short video.

We don’t just write software. 

We love online ministry, and we love your church. That means we want to bring you resources beyond the Church Online Platform itself. Dig in to these trainings, guides, videos, and more! 

Upgrade to Version 4

If you’re still running the older version of the platform, you’ll need to upgrade your account by July 31. It’s easy to upgrade, but don’t wait until the last minute. Learn the easy steps for updating on our Version 4 guide page

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