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“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Thanks to technology, the global Church has never been so connected. Now, ministries can easily lean on one another and sharpen each other as we work together to advance God’s Kingdom.

Prepare to be sharpened by our first partner to offer training content on the Life.Church Open Network: Hillsong Leadership Network.

Introducing Hillsong Leadership Network

Hillsong Leadership Network is now an Open Network partner, and they’re offering training from their Online Open Week free on

Known for its moving and powerful worship songs, Hillsong Church holds 194 services each weekend and has developed best practices in a variety of ministries.

Hillsong developed Online Open Week as a way to share Hillsong principles with the local church so leaders everywhere can build healthy churches that impact their communities and expand the Kingdom of God.

“We’re excited to share these free training sessions with the Open Network and champion local pastors and church leaders,” said Andy Hopper, Hillsong Leadership Network Team Leader.

This year, Online Open Week hosted 32 webinars in 20 locations, with more than 13,000 leaders from 175 nations in attendance. If you missed it, you can access some of that amazing ministry and leadership training right here.

Trainings Offered

You’ll find several trainings available on the Hillsong partner page on the Open Network, including Christine Caine’s talk: Preaching and Teaching for Change.

Indicators of Church Health

Join Joel A’Bell, lead pastor of Hillsong Australia as he discusses how to measure the health of your church and the gauges that help direct your strategic decision making.


Developing Leaders

Want to know how to reproduce leaders who are passionate about building the Church? Join Kane Keatinge as he and the Hillsong NYC team discuss best practices.


The Myth of “Cool Church”

Join Carl Lentz, lead pastor of Hillsong NYC, to learn how to build a local church that is authentic and relevant to the community it’s called to reach.


Hillsong Worship Leaders

What does it take to lead worship at Hillsong week in and week out? Join Jad Gillies and Matt Crocker, worship leaders from Hillsong United, as they discuss how they practice and prepare to lead their attenders in worship.


Running Sunday Services

Ever wondered how to balance the logistics of Sunday morning while allowing for spontaneity and flexibility? Join Monica Wirjadinata, events manager at Hillsong Church, as she and her team discuss how to run successful Sunday services in your church.


Special thanks to the Hillsong Leadership Network for their partnership and commitment to equipping local churches through irrational generosity.

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