Global Leadership Summit 2019 Day 1 Recap & Quotes

It’s been a full day of leadership at The Global Leadership Summit. If you attended at a host site or followed along via Twitter or Instagram, take time to reflect and process through this powerful day.

Ask yourself:

What moved me most emotionally today?
What did God reveal to me about my current season of leadership?
What one leadership principle or idea will I apply?

Share your answers with someone on your team, or share them with us on Instagram via DM.

Pastor Craig’s Opening Session

Read our complete recap blog post about Pastor Craig’s keynote talk, “Bend the Curve.” And you can get special access to his leader guide, discussion questions, and cell phone wallpapers at

The Top 15 Quotes from Day 1

  1. “The pursuit of excellence will motivate you, but the pursuit of perfection will eventually limit you.” – Craig Groeschel
  2. “There’s an evil one out there who wants us to buy in to the idea that we’re important, and we don’t have to work hard. Don’t believe it.” – Patrick Lencioni
  3. “Destiny is a process—commit to it.” – DeVon Frankin
  4. “Discomfort is a sign that you are on the right path.” – DeVon Franklin
  5. “It’s never been done until you do it.” – DeVon Franklin
  6. “If you commit to the WHAT, and you’re consumed by the WHY, then you will figure out the HOW.” – Craig Groeschel
  7. “Disruption isn’t a threat; it’s an invitation.” – Danielle Strickland
  8. Give yourself and those you lead permission to think small. Thinking small helps you take action and stop waiting. – Liz Bohannon
  9. “Constraints drive creativity. Constraints eliminate options. Think inside the box.” – Craig Groeschel
  10. “Small dreams have a surprising power of launching us out of waiting and into creating.” – Liz Bohannon
  11. “The power of faith and community is undeniable. Faith is a powerful leadership tool.” – Ben Sherwood
  12. Step out of the fears, the doubts, the insecurities. Step into the calling. – Craig Groeschel
  13. “Staff culture is up to us. It’s not up to our co-worker or boss. It’s up to us.” – Bozoma Saint John
  14. “Perfection is often the enemy of progress.” – Craig Groeschel
  15. “What’s the cost of bad meetings? Bad decisions.” – Patrick Lencioni

Join us for Day 2 at #GLS19

Join us tomorrow, Friday, August 9 for Day 2 of The Global Leadership Summit. Follow along with us!

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