Global Leadership Summit 2019 Day 2 Recap & Quotes

After Craig Groeschel, Patrick Lencioni, Jason Dorsey, Liz Bohannon, DeVon Franklin, and others spoke yesterday, we thought it might be hard for Day 2 of The Global Leadership Summit to compete.

We were so wrong.

Today started off with an intense session with FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss—who turned out to be surprisingly funny. You can hear even more from Chris in his interview with Pastor Craig on the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast.

Chris Voss’ Negotiation Tips:

  • “The worst negotiation is the one you don’t know you’re in.”
  • “There are three responses to conflict: fight, flight, or make friends.”
  • “I can’t control if you like me, but I can control if I’m likable. And people are six times more likely to agree with people they like.”
  • “The phrase ‘I understand’ is what people say to us when they want us to stop talking so they can talk.”
  • “The word ‘why’ makes people defensive.”
  • “Your job as a parent is to help your kids learn how to think.”
  • “Genuine curiosity is the fastest hack to fear.”

Then Jia Jiang taught us how to be Rejection Proof and how to stop fearing failure. He highlighted a simple truth that can help us overcome so much of what plagues us as leaders: “Rejection is an opinion. Opinions are the cheapest resources on Earth. And they say more about the rejector than the rejected.” We’ll all be rejected at some point, but the failure that a rejection represents is a matter of perspective.

Next up, Todd Henry gave us some guide rails for becoming better leaders:

  • Earn the right to be followed every day.
  • Trust is the currency of a creative team.
  • If you solve problems, you’re a creative.

From Jo Saxton, we learned three questions that will help us level-up our leadership:

  1. Who were you before anyone told you who you were supposed to be?
  2. If your body could talk to you, what would it tell you?
  3. Who are your people?

She’s reminding us in these questions to evaluate our calling, our health, and our relationships — if those areas are weak, we’re not making the most of our potential as leaders. (If you’re feeling the weight of leadership right now, join our series “5 Keys to Lasting in Ministry” and learn to grow past anxiety and burnout.)

Krish Kandiah brought a powerful talk about vision and potential.

“As leaders, we are called to see potential in people when others only see problems, hope when others see chaos, opportunities when others see obstacles.”

He also urged us to realize this truth—”You are more than the worst thing you’ve ever done and more than the worst thing that’s ever been done to you.”

Bear Grylls shared how a background in the British armed forces, breaking his back, and climbing Mt. Everest all led him face his fears—and find Jesus.

  • Life rewards the dogged, those who can walk toward their fears.
  • Life doesn’t require us to be perfect. Life just says, “Keep moving forward.”
  • Dreams will require failure at first, and fear will be a constant journeyman along the way. But we’ve been given a fire inside with which to fight and a faith with which to endure.

This amazing day ended with Pastor Craig Groeschel’s closing talk, “Heart Over Head.” Read our complete recap of that moving talk here.


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