How to Help People Explore Faith with Alpha

Hear from Pastor Jon Thompson of C4 Church about how he’s used Alpha in his church for almost two decades.

We know many of you carefully craft sermons and create environments that allow people to belong in your church—long before they believe.

Our newest partner, Alpha, has that same heart—to create an environment where everyone can ask questions, any question, about their faith.

What’s Alpha?

Alpha is a series of sessions designed to create a space in your church where people are excited to invite others for an honest conversation about Jesus.

Through partnership with Open Network, Alpha has provided training, promotional resources, and even some session content to help you spark discussion and engage people who normally wouldn’t come to church.

Each session examines a different question about faith and creates opportunities for intentional conversation—and questions.

Interested in learning more about Alpha? View their partner page on Open to watch training and download resources.

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