How A Small Church in Australia Is Reaching People Online

Here at Open Network we’re committed to not only giving away free resources, but also helping other churches and pastors have a platform to share their content.

Through the free Church Online Platform, churches can create community around their sermons and minister to attenders with features like one-on-one prayer and Moments—calls to action that allow people to respond to the message.

The best part? You don’t have to have fancy equipment or an entire tech team to share your message. 

Meet Pastor Jeremy. 

Jeremy Greening is the pastor of Vineyard Christian Church in Stanthorpe, Australia. Pastor Jeremy recently became connected with Life.Church through the Church Online Platform when he needed a way to broadcast services into homes due to his church building having to temporarily close during the COVID-19 crisis. Because of these resources, Vineyard Christian Church is able to continue its services, and even increase it’s impact.  

“We like to say that the church isn’t closed; it’s only meeting in a new and fresh way.”

-Pastor Jeremy

Hear Pastor Jeremy share his experience in finding and implementing the Church Online Platform.

Pastor Jeremy is streaming a simulated live service each week. Throughout the week he can record the message, edit, and stream it to those beyond their normal reach of 60-80 people. The Church Online Platform has allowed Jeremy to communicate the Truth of Jesus in a way that he never has before. And the best part? He can do this all while using tools and technology that he already has access to—his phone and sites like Vimeo or YouTube.

Since they’ve begun streaming their services, they’ve doubled the number of people viewing and receiving their messages. Vineyard Christian Church has seen a greater reach and impact through the use of technology.

No matter where we live and do ministry, it’s always a win when we’re able to reach more people and encourage them to know and follow God. 

This has encouraged Pastor Jeremy, who is the only staff member at Vineyard Christian Church. “The enemy thought he had a win with buildings getting shut down, but if anything, it increased the reach and impact of His church.”

One thing we know, is that Church isn’t restricted to a building or location. It is something that is beyond four walls. The Church is us—you and me. There’s no better time to be reminded of that than this weekend, Easter weekend, as we gather in our homes to worship and celebrate Jesus. If you are a pastor who has felt overwhelmed with moving church online in this season, look no further than our Open Network. We would love to help you continue to reach and speak into people’s lives each week. From kids ministry to worship music, we are able to provide pastors like you and Jeremy with materials to keep doing good work for the Kingdom. 

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