How Is Your Church Winning? | 1 Question to Ask to Measure Success

In a season where obstacles threaten to silence the Gospel and change is constant, as the Church, we still have so much to celebrate! 

As pastors and ministry leaders, it’s so easy to get discouraged in a time like this. If we’re measuring our ministries against the same standards as we have in the past, it can feel like we just aren’t winning. And if our frame of reference is playing the comparison game to where we were a year ago, then our results will not come out on top.

But what if we change our frame of reference?

At this point we know that this year is not and will never be anything like last year. As we’re pivoting in ministry and adapting to all of the recurring changes, we need to shift the way we’re measuring success, too. But how?

We can take time to focus on celebrating our wins.

We can often find ourselves winning in areas that we may not even notice. Other times, we’ll notice the wins but won’t stop to celebrate them or show appreciation to those who contributed to the wins.

If we don’t focus on celebrating our wins, they will lose their impact and significance in our ministries. When we consistently celebrate our wins with our teams, we will all be inspired and motivated to keep going and to keep pushing towards the mission.

So, how are we winning?

What are the wins for you and your team? Maybe you’re winning at…

  • Connecting with your attenders and pastoring them through this new time. 
  • Launching or re-launching church online ministry.
  • Rallying your attenders to serve your local community via missions projects.
  • Encouraging your church to invite people to church online via social media.
  • Innovating in how you do small groups or youth ministry while maintaining social distancing

While these are some of the ways that Life.Church is winning in this season, we know God is moving in your midst, too. Whether your church has opened its doors or you’re still engaging with people primarily online, there is undoubtedly so much to celebrate! Schedule time to consistently gather together with your teams to celebrate how your ministries are winning right now.

As things look a little differently than they used to, we can always know that God is still working. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of how!

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