How Life.Church Approaches Global Missions

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

As we fulfill the Great Commission, missions and global outreach will look differently from church to church and ministry to ministry.

How do we approach missions at Life.Church? Watch this video from Jeff Galley, who oversees small groups and missions at Life.Church, and Kyle Kutter, who leads the Open Network and Interactive teams.

3 Commitment Areas for Life.Church Global Missions

Like Jeff mentions in the video, Life.Church has three commitment areas for our global missions.

  1. Resourcing local leaders and local churches to serve their local communities
  2. Eradicating Bible poverty
  3. Responding when disaster strikes and supporting people in crisis

It’s important to note that this is what God has called our church to focus on globally, and it may look different for you and your ministry. As you create your missions strategy, look to work with new partners, or communicate to your attenders about your vision for missions, we’ve compiled a couple resources that may be helpful.

Resources for Your Church

  • Local and Global Mission Partner Evaluation Guides. As you evaluate local and global missions partners, we’ve found it’s helpful to make sure potential partners align with our mission and values. To help us evaluate potential partners, we created an evaluation guide, available for download on the Open Network.
  • Helping Without Hurting. This six-part learning and training series tackles the difference between ‘relief’ and ‘restoration’ and equips you, your small group, or your church to engage in long-lasting relationships, not short-term fixes.

Malawi Site Visit

Malawi. You may have never heard of this landlocked country in Africa, but over the next week, we’ll take you along as Life.Church team members visit one of our global mission partners in Malawi.

Our team, including Open Network Team Leader Kyle Kutter, will be in Malawi the week of October 15, and will be working closely with global mission partner Hope International. Stay updated as Kyle shares videos, photos, and stories from the trip here on the blog and social media (Instagram and Facebook).

Watch this short video from Kyle to hear more about his heart and what he plans to share with you.

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