Important Changes Coming to the Konnect Kids Curriculum

Konnect is changing. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

As a team, we absolutely love refining our materials, studying how kids learn and absorb lessons, and measuring what works in classrooms. So, our LifeKids team is making a few changes to the Konnect curriculum this fall. 

Our curriculum team has clear goals: 

  • Engaging kids with memorable, biblically-based lessons
  • Creating an easy, seamless experience for teachers and volunteers at Life.Church campuses and churches like yours

Much of Konnect will stay the same, but starting the weekend of August 28, you’ll see a new order-of-service and other improvements. Watch the new training video for leaders and a full overview of the upcoming changes.

Visit the NextGen Leader Community Facebook group to hear LifeKids ministry leader Justin Edge share the vision behind the changes

If you’re running Konnect services at your church, this change will have very little impact on your overall Konnect programming. After a short period of training, you’ll be fully up to speed and ready to go!

Have questions?

Let us know—we’d love to connect! Send us an email or leave a comment on the Facebook video linked above.

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