Introducing the Life.Church Open Network

Ten years ago, our church faced a major decision: do we sell our message resources to other churches? Or, do we follow God’s call for us to equip the “capital C” Church for free?

It was actually a bit of a struggle, but thankfully, we made the choice to step into irrational generosity. And our church hasn’t been the same since.

Our Past

One way we committed to equip other churches was through a site called Open—a library of digital ministry resources like sermon videos, transcripts, kids and youth curricula, original worship music, campus architectural plans, HR forms, and more. If it’s downloadable, we’ve given it away through Open since 2006.

That same year, we began partnering with other local churches through Network Churches. Network Churches show Pastor Craig Groeschel’s messages and partner with us in things like baptism, LifeGroups, and kids ministry—we’re unified in our mission to reach the lost. Together with Network Churches, we’ve been able to reach more people—more quickly—for Christ!

Our Future

The mission to reach more people by equipping pastors and church leaders has become part of who we are. Over the last ten years, we’ve learned so much by partnering with other churches, and we realized we could be doing more for more churches.

So, we went to work on the biggest project we’ve ever tackled.

We set out to not only preserve Open’s huge library of resources and the close community among Network Churches, but to make it even better.

We’re so excited to announce what we’ve been working on: the Life.Church Open Network.

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Now, we not only provide downloadable resources and share Pastor Craig’s teachings, we’ve expanded to offer in-depth trainings, church apps, and a close, vibrant community…all for free. 

Every pastor or church leader who signs up for a free account now has access to sermon videos the same weekend they’re preached at Life.Church, and they can walk in step with us as often as they’d like.

Our new training resources cover how we do ministry here at Life.Church—and the lessons we’ve learned in the past twenty years. We’re even providing guides for every new sermon series so pastors and church leaders can leverage new topics, events, and initiatives in their own churches.

Members of the Life.Church Open Network also have free access to all of our apps for churches: Church Metrics, Church Online Platform, Develop.Me, and YouVersion Events.

And perhaps what we’re most excited about is our brand new community—ask questions, be encouraged, and learn from other pastors and church leaders around the world.

If you’re already part of Network Churches or Open, you can experience all the new benefits of the Life.Church Open Network now. And if you’re new, just create an account and dig in—everything is completely, 100% free because we love equipping churches just like yours.



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