4 Focuses of a Strong Leader + Development Resources for You and Your Team

Lead Through the Dip

2020 threw us a few curve balls, right? 

And, many of your churches may be experiencing the dip—a decline in what was once thriving.

In the opening talk at the 2020 Global Leadership Summit, Pastor Craig Groeschel gave leaders four areas to focus on as they lead strong through the dip:

  • Change how you think about change. 
  • Have the courage to unmake promises. 
  • Obsess over the “why.” 
  • Lead with confident uncertainty.

As you seek to grow and innovate this year, learn more about leading through the dip.

Your Sermon Plan

What do your attenders need to hear most? How can you help them connect? Grow? Share their faith? We pulled some popular sermon topics and message series to help you prepare for 2021 sermon plan. 

Use the outlines to prep, show the full sermon video, or snag the artwork as you develop your own content. 

Speaking of developing content, have you ever wondered how Life.Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel prepares to preach? ? Take a peek into his routine. 

Change/New Habits




Developing Your Staff

If you want to see your ministry thrive and grow, one of the best things you can do is intentionally appreciate and develop your church staff and volunteers. 

Blog Posts from Pastor Craig

Help Them Grow

Do you know the areas in which your team wants to grow? Do you have regular conversations about their development? In this blog post, we highlighted common growth goals and provide resources to help your team level up. 

Plan Effective Meetings

Meetings—no one really loves them, but they can be necessary to bring vision, clarity, and focus in your church. Do you have a plan your staff meetings? In this video, Pastor Tome Dawson shares tips for how he structures his weekly team meetings to inspire and keep his team focus on their goals. 

Lead Them to Last in Ministry

Last year was hard. Just hard. And, it’s possible some of your paid or volunteer staff might be reaching burnout levels. Don’t let them get taken out of ministry too early! To help pastors and church leaders sustain and thrive in ministry, we put together this free email series called “How to Last in Ministry.” Encourage your staff to sign up and discuss the content together. 

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