3 Ways to Leverage Football Sunday in your Church

In America on Sunday, February 4, 2018, professional football players will hit the astroturf for a chance at sports glory. Fans with painted faces will cheer their favorite team to victory. And your church will be poised to minister to new attenders, presenting the Gospel in a fresh, fun way through Football Sunday.

Provided by our partner Sports Spectrum, Football Sunday is a free event that can be used as a sermon or halftime show replacement. This year, players from this season’s biggest game, Philadelphia quarterback Carson Wentz, CBS Host James Brown, and others will share messages around the theme of Seek, Search, Surrender—all pointing to Jesus.

3 Ways to Leverage Football Sunday in your Church

    1. Use the full video as a sermon replacement. Download the full version of Football Sunday, available the week before the Big Game, to use as a sermon replacement in your church. The life-changing stories shared by professional football players will set the scene for a powerful altar call.
    2. Use the supplemental sermon videos to build momentum for Football Sunday. Use the supplemental sermons to build excitement for Football Sunday. Take the couple Sundays leading up to the Big Game to preach these sermons, use them during part of your sermon time, or record brief sermon videos to release on your social media platforms.
    3. Make it a party. Who doesn’t enjoy a good party? Go all out and create a party atmosphere in your church. Work with your local football program to use mascots, tunnels, jerseys, and more to create a tailgate party. Tents, lawn chairs, games, and food like hotdogs and popcorn go a long way in creating a fun atmosphere that will attract new people—people who may never have been to church before—to your church.

      Get more ideas in this post and watch this interview with the Open Network team to learn more tips for maximizing the day.


Why football and faith? As pastors and church leaders, we don’t have to compete with culture; we can embrace it. Let’s embrace this day and leverage each to reach more people for Christ!


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