Look What God Is Doing Through 500,000 Pastors and Church Leaders!

“We’re not waiting for revival; we’re in the middle of one.”

Our Senior Pastor, Craig Groeschel, reminds our church of this truth on a regular basis.

When the Open Network began 12 years, we could have never imagined all that God would do through you—local pastors and church leaders. Today, we’re celebrating over 500,000 pastors and church leaders using free resources, training, and apps from the Life.Church Open Network to do what only they can do: lead people to Christ and change their community!


How Free Resources Are Making a Difference

We want to use this milestone to take a look and marvel at what you’ve accomplished! If you have a success story about how Open resources have been working for you, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page. Here are a few ways that ministries just like yours have been impacted because of free resources:

  • “As a planter, I’m beyond grateful for Open Network and the resources that are provided…It’s been a lifesaver many times!”
    Kyle K., Missouri
  • “Without your resources, there’s no doubt that our church wouldn’t have survived—and we’re in a community that really needs the Church.”
    Dawn C., Kentucky
  • “Open Network provided an opportunity for me to do what I could never do on my own technologically.”
    Bob S., Pennsylvania
  • “Having the 5th-6th grade Konnect programmes has meant we can run an awesome programme and I can recruit people to help, knowing I am giving them easy-to-follow content.”
    Emma P., New Zealand
  • “Though Open Network, we have been able to put together a number of excellent series, graphic, videos, and even apps to reach our community with excellence that could not be attained very easily with such a small church and staff.”
    Rob W., Iowa


What’s Next

Serving 500,000 church leaders is an incredible privilege, and we want to reach even more. There are pastors out there who might need the margin in their schedules that message series resources could provide. A kids ministry director who could use curriculum help. A worship leader who’s looking for tips on crafting a worship experience.

And you could play a key part in helping Open Network reach an even larger audience. You can download celebration social media posts and get the word out to pastors and church leaders who may not know about the resources available to them.


Celebrating this milestone means that we’re really celebrating you and all you’ve been able to accomplish in your community. Thank you for all you do to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

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