A Perspective Shift + 3 Great Resources for the New Year

Perspective for 2021

As we move into a New Year, what are you hoping to have more of?

If you’re like most leaders, a little less uncertainty about the future may be on the top of your list! But, can we ever be certain about decisions we’re making?

While we can’t guarantee outcomes, we know one thing: God is always good.

He is good in your lowest of lows and good in your highest of highs. He is good when you’re meeting solely online and good when you gather together physically. He was good in 2020 and he will be good in 2021, even if our circumstances don’t change.

Remember, as you plan for a New Year in your church, it’s God who makes things new. He heals. He restores. He resurrects.

And, He is always good.

New Year Sermons

New Year is a great time for families to get back into the habit of attending church regularly. As you plan sermon content for January, view the messages and promotional resources we have available on Open. We’ve highlighted a few great New Year sermons below.

Small can become big. 

Habits is a message series from Life.Church that highlights how the decisions you make today impact the life you’ll lead in the future. Change isn’t easy, but thanks to Jesus, it isn’t impossible either. In this three-part series, you’ll be encouraged as you see how a few small habits can lead to big changes.

Planning for the future.

We all have dreams and visions for the future. Fresh Life Church’s five-part message series, You in Five Years, explores the spiritual and practical ways you can become the person you want to be in five years.

Imagine the possibilities. 

The New Year is full of potential and possibilities. Why else do people make resolutions? This is My Year is a message from North Point Ministries that looks at a simple solution you can implement to make the most of your year.

New year, less me. 

Every year, we make resolutions, set goals, and make plans. More often than not, those plans are focused on ourselves. want to lose weight; want to save money; want to travel more. Life.Church’s four-part message, Selfless, teaches that to live our best lives, we must be willing to reject our own comfort for the good of others.

2021 Verse of the Day Images

As you plan and look forward to the upcoming year, don’t miss out on YouVersion’s 2021 Verse of the Day images. These brand-new downloadable images and calendar will help you take some of the guesswork out of planning your social media content, and you can use them to lead people to read and share God’s Word through social media.

21 Days of Prayer

Our friends at Church of the Highlands have started every year off with 21 Days of Prayer since 2001, and they’ve generously provided a prayer and fasting guide for churches to use called “Pray First.” This guide can lead your staff, family, or church through a time of prayer and fasting as you seek God in 2021.

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