How to Measure the Success of Your Online Ministry

After the weekend, you and your leadership team are likely to look at the numbers for things like attendance, salvations, and prayers to gauge how the weekend went. 

Our team is the same—measuring trends and interpreting data to see the story of what God is doing through online ministry. We review key metrics for vital information about how the platform performed.

This weekend, we celebrated 100% uptime again. Though we didn’t have the tremendous traffic spike we saw Easter weekend, the “church” was alive and well, with an all-time record-breaking number of churches like yours having services online.

If the concept of tracking data specifically for online ministry is still new for you, Life.Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel outlines how he measures success for online ministry and shares his thoughts on counting and comparing attendance. 

In the video, Pastor Craig mentions that some churches have asked how they can give to support Church Online Platform. Please know, we will lead the way with irrational generosity, and that means it’s our honor and our calling to fund Church Online Platform. You do not need to give—the platform is the small part we play in helping you reach the world for Jesus. If your ministry feels called to give anyway, we’d be blessed by the support. Give directly to Church Online Platform here by selecting “Digital Missions.”  New feature: Profanity FilterIt doesn’t happen often, but if someone tries to disrupt your service or harass other attenders, the new profanity filter will remove offensive language from the chat. The new filter flags 1,989 offensive words and automatically hides them from your chat—you don’t need to do anything to turn it on. So, your attenders will only see *** or ***** in the chat while the disruptive guest can remain in the community where hosts can continue to minister to them. Remember, if a stronger deterrent is needed, a guest can be muted; you hosts can suppress a guest’s comment from appearing to anyone else, but the guest will think they’re still in the chat. The goal with both of these features is to protect attenders while helping someone who is lost or disruptive still hear the message of Jesus. Reaching the 167. You put a lot of effort into your weekly church service. It’s the main event of the week. But, a one hour church service leaves 167 other hours in the week open for ministry. Create an intentional, focused approach for “reaching the 167” with these “7 Ways to Create Community Online,” new on our blog

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