Meet The Bible Project

The Bible Project has a heart to change how people read and use the Bible, and we’re thrilled to announce they’ve become an Open Network resource partner.

That means you’ll find dozens of videos and supplementary resources you can download for free to use in your weekend experiences, small groups, or other areas of ministry. The videos and guides they’ve created help people understand the Bible’s historical context and the wisdom scripture brings to our modern world.



Download overview videos for each book of the Bible, videos based on Biblical themes, and special series exploring concepts woven throughout scripture.

Here’s what pastors and church leaders have said about The Bible Project:

Our church has been able to read through the Bible with the help of The Bible Project’s short introductory videos, and we’ve been able to communicate big ideas that run through the entirety of scripture in a concise, easily-digested manner. -Ryan

My desire in teaching was to help make God, faith, and theology relevant to teenagers. The Bible Project videos have been an extraordinary help in my classes. I can teach an idea like “sacrifice” or “the Messiah,” and play one of their videos and it wraps everything up perfectly. The Bible Project videos help my students understand their own personal call from Christ. -Andy

We’re honored to have The Bible Project join our growing list of ministry partners who all have the same desire: to equip the Church to spread the message of Jesus.

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