4 Important Church Online Platform Updates, and More Features Coming Soon

People all over the world are searching for answers. When the Spirit leads them to your church, you want to remove any barriers that might be standing between them and Jesus. Today we’re announcing several Church Online Platform updates designed to do exactly that. 

View on Television Browsers

Attenders can now experience church online through the browser on their smart television or on television devices. All they have to do is open their device’s browser, then enter the URL (link) for your experience into the address bar. (Functionality is limited to viewing your experience’s video feed.) 

Emoji Options Allow Multicultural Responses


Attenders can now select from the color palette of emojis for hand claps, hand raises, and more. Choosing a different skin tone works the same way your attenders are used to accessing it on other platforms—just long-press on the emoji, then pick the one you want.


Screen Reader Support Improves Accessibility

Hosts and attenders who use screen readers can now tab through various elements and hear them read aloud: 

  • Sign Up
  • Log In/Log Out
  • Host Navigation Menu and Tabs
  • Top Navigation Menu and Links
  • Bottom Navigation Bar and Tabs
  • Change Text Size
  • Quickly Navigate to Video
  • Input into Chat
  • Request Prayer Button
  • Navigate to and Read Notes
  • Navigate to Bible Tab

Support for Right-to-Left Languages

Church Online Platform’s interface now supports right-to-left languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. All that Hosts or attenders need to do is set your device to the language you prefer. If the language you’ve selected is supported, your text automatically displays in the proper configuration. 

Coming Soon…

Audience List

Between the existing Host Chat and Host Info tabs, the all-new Audience List will allow Hosts to:

  • See a searchable list of all attenders present at the service who have provided a chat name
  • See a searchable list of all Hosts present at the service
  • Start a separate chat with anyone at the service
  • Mute/unmute attenders
  • See which attenders are currently muted
  • See which attenders have left the service

To mute/unmute an attender, simply tap to select them, then tap again to see options.

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