New Feature Release: Mobile Hosting

Hosting your church online experiences through the free Church Online Platform just got easier with the release of new features that give your online hosts the flexibility to serve from virtually anywhere on their smartphones.

So many hosts wear multiple hats at your physical and online locations, and this feature helps them seize every opportunity to minister online to someone in need.

Introducing Mobile Hosting

Now your hosts can manage online chat, get host info, and pray with attenders one-on-one via their phones. After this initial release, our team will continue to build even more host controls—host chat, slides, and more—for smartphone hosting.

To quickly access the hosting tools on a phone, simply sign in to your church online experience on your mobile device. Visit our support site to learn all the ins and outs of hosting on mobile.

These hosting features are just one more way the Church Online Platform is helping you build community around your content and engage with your online attenders in a meaningful way. We’re honored to partner with you as you reach more people for Christ!

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