3 Great Motion Graphic Packages Now on Open Network

Put a little motion in your graphics.  

Whether you’re creating an eye-catching sermon background, building vibrant worship slides, or creating a dynamic bumper video to kick off your service, these brand-new motion graphics will add life to any project you’re planning.

Circle Texture

These loops are full of bright colors with a wild circle at the center.

Doorway in the Clouds

Clouds are the focal point of these loops. They include a floating doorway, a window, and a split screen option.

Crown of Thorns

Color and motion bring a crown of thorns into sharp focus in these bold loops.

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Want to know the top three stock videos in our library? 

  1. Forest & Smoke
    Keywords: smokey, haze, nature, forest, serene, mystery
  2. Digital Screen Textures
    Keywords: digital, reflective, polished, electronic, pixels 
  3. Liquid Textures 2
    Keywords: flowing, rolling, watery, turbulent, puddle, dripping

We’d love to hear how you’re using motion graphics in your church! Send us an email and showcase your creativity (or send us links to see it on your social feeds or website!). We’ll highlight some of your creative work on social media to inspire and encourage other pastors! 

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